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Revolutionize the way you showcase products

Nexposai brings your products to life with AI and augmented reality, offering immersive experiences that captivate customers and drive sales

Enhancing B2B sales and marketing outcomes

Nexposai is a next-generation sales-marketing tool

Reimagine customer interaction and sales dynamics, to create fresh avenues for engagement and streamline the path to successful deals.

Instant Activation

Simply scan the QR code to launch. No App to download or software to install

Immersive Virtual Showcase

Compelling augmented reality visuals add a new dimension

Intelligent AI-Assistance

Simplify decision-making with instant, precise answers to customer queries


Reach customers at every stage of the buying cycle

From first click to final sale, Nexposai streamlines the path to purchase. Our virtual demos provide instant, in-depth product information, setting the stage for informed customer decisions and solid sales connections.

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Powerful use cases. Unmatchable value.

Captivate on First Contact

Make a memorable mark from the outset

Distinguish your brand with immersive experiences that elevate you above the competition

Elevate Engagement Effortlessly

Cultivate a magnetic brand experience

Invite customers into a personalized, virtual product discovery zone they’ll want to revisit

Sharpen Your Sales Edge

Enhance performance with data-driven precision

Boost your sales process with actionable insights and interactive engagements for standout results

The technology they bring to market is just phenomenal. We've shared the project with several markets and their feedback has simply been 'Wow! What do we do next?'

Global Innovations TeamBayer Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland

With applications across a range of industries

Medical Device Sales

Showcase complex medical instruments and equipment

Industrial Equipment

Present heavy machinery used in construction and manufacturing

Trade Show Exhibitions

Enhance the experience of booth visitors with stunning displays

Furniture and Home Decor

Help customers visualize furniture and decor in their own space

Automotive, Marine Vehicles

Present complex products with detailed specifications.

High End Retail

Add an immersive experience for luxury products

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