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Enhance marketing and sales outcomes

Take your customer interaction to the next level. By integrating augmented reality and AI into your marketing materials, we transform every customer touchpoint into an interactive conversation.

Reach customers at every stage of the buying cycle

From brochures to digital campaigns, Nexposai doesn’t just showcase your product, it brings it to life, right before your customers’ eyes

Print Media

Turn every page into a journey. Scan a QR code and watch products leap off the page in stunning 3D

Catalogues • Product Sheets • Posters • Brochures • Business Cards • Flyers • Postcards

Online Channels

Enrich your online content. From clickable ads to immersive product tours, make your website a destination for exploration

Website • YouTube • PowerPoint • Tradeshow Stands • Webinars • Blogs • Digital Signage


With Nexposai, your email campaigns invite recipients to step into a virtual world where your products shine.

Emails • E-Newsletter • E-Proposals • SMS Marketing • Event E-invites • Media Releases


Expand your reach, effortlessly

Embrace a borderless world. Nexposai’s virtual platform knows no boundaries, allowing you to captivate international markets and win new customers across the globe, all without leaving your office.

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Accelerate the buyer’s journey

From first click to final sale, Nexposai streamlines the path to purchase. Our virtual demos provide instant, in-depth product information, setting the stage for informed customer decisions and solid sales connections.

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Technology that delivers,

by the numbers

“Early adopters of augmented reality and AI reported higher engagement and conversion, with the technologies delivering some truly outstanding results”


Increase in Engagement

Double the attention, double the interaction.


Uplift in Conversions

Almost every engagement turns into a success story.


Faster Decision Making

Accelerate the sales cycle with interactive clarity.

With applications across a range of industries

Medical Device Sales

Trade Show Exhibitions

Industrial Equipment

Furniture & Home Decor

Automotive & Marine

Electronic Equipment

High End Retail

Overcome challenges

with cutting-edge solutions

Global Market Penetration

Make time zones and borders irrelevant.

Cost-Efficient Demos

Say goodbye to costly physical samples and prototypes

Enhanced Lead Qualification

Engage only with prospects showing genuine interest

Virtual Trade Show Innovation

Make a lasting impression from anywhere in the world

Expedited Sales Cycles

Reduce the wait from interest to investment

Simplified Logistics

Free yourself from the constraints of physical product transportation

Explore with Confidence:

Nexposai’s Risk-Free Guarantee

Discover the future of product showcasing risk-free. Embrace innovation with the assurance of a money-back guarantee.