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Nexposai Global Pilot Program

Test drive the world’s leading immersive product experience

Nexposai leads the charge in transforming product showcases with immersive experiences. Following our successful initial launch, we’re excited to open the second round of our Global Pilot Program.

We invite innovative organisations to come along on the journey, to experience the full capabilities of Nexposai first-hand and to test-drive the future of immersive product presentations in the field.

What is the Global Pilot Program

The Global Pilot Program opens the door to partake in a six-month exploration of our cutting-edge showcasing technology. This initiative is designed to seamlessly integrate augmented reality and AI into your marketing efforts, offering a fresh perspective on customer engagement and product presentation.

Experience the future of marketing with tools that elevate the visualization of your products and engage your audience like never before

Who Should Apply

Open to all organizations ready to embrace cutting-edge technology, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria.

The Program is ideal for those curious about leveraging immersive tech, offering a risk-free opportunity to utilize the technology, without he need to allocate significant resources and time. And without a hefty outlay.

Program Benefits

Participating in the Pilot gain an opportunity to stand out from the competition:

  • Exclusive Access: Dive deep into Nexposai’s AR and AI functionalities.
  • Innovative Engagement: Transform how customers interact with your products.
  • Customized Setup: Experience a bespoke AR and AI integration, crafted by our specialists.
  • Zero Setup Cost: Start with our technology with no setup expense

Joining the Pilot means your setup costs are waived

Saving you up to $4,400

You don’t need any special skills or technical know-how, we’ll do the heavy lifting. Everything is taken care of by our team of experts, and there’s no setup cost

QR code, immersive 3D display, AI assistant training, sales team connection

What’s Included?

Your virtual showcase will be created with the full set of features, and once completed you’ll be provided with a unique QR code and web link to activate the showcase

  • 3D visualization with AR for virtual product placement
  • Conversational AI-product assistant, tailored to your product for on-demand queries
  • A straightforward method for customer inquiries, directly forwarding them to your sales team
  • Monthly data analytics reporting

Essential Information

Some key points to know about joining the program


Product Selection

Choose any item from your lineup, regardless of size or type. Our technology can virtually present anything from small gadgets to large machinery, bringing your products to life.

Showcase Setup

We'll setup everything - the augmented reality display, the product AI assistant, the works - and you'll be live within 30 days. Enjoy no upfront costs, with a simple $99 monthly fee per showcased item.

Integration and Usage

Employ your showcases freely across all marketing and sales platforms. Each product comes with its own QR code and link for effortless integration into both digital and print media.

Program Duration

The pilot program runs for six months, allowing you to assess its impact in diverse settings. Post-pilot, we provide options to maintain momentum and continue innovating.

Support Services

From the outset, you'll have a dedicated account manager and access to training and support, ensuring you maximize your use of Nexposai without additional charges.

Financial Commitment

Join the program without any setup fee. The only cost is a manageable $99 monthly fee for each item over six months, with the option to extend under the same terms.

Eligibility & Requirements

Our Global Pilot Program is open to commercial entities and professional groups around the world, keen on embracing innovation and active engagement. Please note that currently, we can only offer support and assistance in English.

To participate, you’ll be required to provide:

Product Images

Capture 8 – 12 photos of your product from various angles. No need for professional photography; snapshots from your phone are perfectly fine.

3D Model File

Provide a 3D model of your product in almost any format, which will be used to create your augmented reality display.

Product Information

Provide us with product information, which will be used to train the AI-assistant, ensuring a comprehensive and informative user experience.

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